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A primary care naturopathic medicine clinic.YOUR JOURNEY STARTS HERE.(760) 593-4613
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Naturopathic Wellness Carlsbad, CA

If you’re looking for an alternative path to wellness that doesn’t involve dependence on medications and supplements, turn to Orian Wellness. We serve to empower our community and patients through naturopathic family medicine, specializing in treating patients with regenerative injection therapies, IV therapeutics, and Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. If you’re looking for a better solution for sports therapy, IV therapy, nutritional coaching, and laboratory testing, you’ve come to the right place. We provide general care for all illnesses, pain, sickness, and better health overall. For the best in holistic wellness in Carlsbad, CA, contact us today at (760) 593-4613.

Be Empowered. Be Inspired. Be HEALTHY.

We want our patients to feel empowered, which is why a large part of our approach involves education. Our mission is to provide the highest quality service and patient education in the world while serving our clientele with love, compassion, and understanding. We’ll guide you toward simplicity, balance, and better health without the need for endless tests and a pile of prescriptions.

Our Services Include:

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IV TherapyUsed for decades to treat a variety of ailments from fatigue, infections, and migraines to autoimmune diseases, IV therapy supplies the body with carefully formulated vitamin-rich fluids. At Orian Wellness, we provide cutting edge IV protocols including high dose vitamin C, chelation protocols, and Major Autohemotherapy. Before treatment begins, we'll conduct an inventory of your symptoms as well as laboratory testing to ensure that your personalized IV Protocol is as comprehensive as possible.
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Nutrition And Lifestyle SolutionsMany ailments and chronic complaints have a lifestyle component. By pairing nutrition and lifestyle counseling with our clinical evaluations, we're able to provide significantly better patient outcomes. You'll develop a foundation that enhances your body's ability to utilize our specialized treatments, plus learn the success of accountability. Consistent check-ins help you and your doctor stay connected and provide support and encouragement throughout your journey to better health.
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Regenerative Injection TherapyMost often used for sports therapy, regenerative injection therapy treats damaged connective tissues that cause acute and/or chronic joint pain. Damaged ligaments/tendons can become hyper mobile (overly mobile), which in turn causes degenerative changes like osteoarthritis. Prolotherapy (PRP) uses a mixture of dextrose and lidocaine to stimulate the affected areas, producing new collagen that strengthens the ligaments and tendons, thereby stabilizing the joint and eliminating pain. PRP is excellent for sprains, strains, osteoarthritis, TMJ syndrome, Osgood-Schlatter disease, back pain, golfers elbow, and more.
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Laboratory TestingProper identification of the root cause of a disease or injury is essential for applying the right treatment protocol. Orian Wellness has both standard and specialty laboratory testing equipment used to determine the optimal treatments for our patients. Basic bloodwork, stool analysis, toxicity profiles, micronutrient testing, food sensitivity testing, genetic metabolic pathway analysis, infectious disease panels, and comprehensive hormone analysis are all available in-house at Orian Wellness.
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Discover freedom from chronic pain, fatigue, or illness without the need for medication. Let Orian Wellness help you on the journey to a better, healthier life. Please fill out our form or call (760) 593-4613 today to request a consultation. Together, we can find healing.

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